Artis Universalis facilitates in the creation and co-creation of beautifully crafted hyper complex rich media creations. We provide our services exclusively to Tripple A brands and the most innovative creative agencies. We are known for meticulously crafting our creatives to perfection even when the common sense of others tells us to stop.


Meet Marius Veltman, a rich media expert from The Netherlands and a life-long creative technologist. Walk through his evolution as an artist and designer and peek into his creative process. Watch as his sketches come to life through the medium of HTML5 and the help of Google Web Designer. Marius is the CEO and founder of Artis Universalis.

Featured project Godzilla. Client: Time Warner. Campaign type: Fullscreen Mobile Takeover (smartphone & tablet). The ad-unit is using the Gyroscope to create the illusion of depth. Dynamic Targeting allows the ad-unit also to display other content related to where the user was located.

If we want to reach today’s connected consumers, we need to meet them where they are and that means on their mobile devices. People are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets in new ways. For many, HTML5 remains a mystery. Simply put, it’s a markup language used to build interactive online content that works seamlessly across all modern browsers, operating systems and devices.

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